More meetings, better quality

Turn successful outreach into feedback models that improve everything and everyone in the team, making every rep a top rep

Used by sales development leaders at B2B companies

When performance is only judged through activity, you promote quantity over quality

Reps send large volumes of templated emails. This spam is ignored, as shown by poor reply rates

Poor messaging leads to low meeting attendance, ICP misses and poor conversion down the funnel

Managers recognise the problem, but coaching is too time consuming with no measure of success

We help you book more quality meetings in three steps:

1) Your best work becomes your new feedback engine

Upload your top-performing calls and emails, and we’ll identify what makes them great and turn that into scorecards and feedback models. Soon, everything the team does will be based on what works for your individual business.

2) Reps get feedback on 100% of their work

Your AI-driven feedback engine will now score and give detailed constructive feedback to your SDRs on everything they do. The goal isn’t to replace the manager, it’s to unlock value in work managers don’t have time to review, which is 99% of it.

3) Managers get shown where to coach

With an audit on 100% of your team’s work, you now know exactly where to focus your valuable time for each rep to get the best performance out of every single person. 


The amount of work managers manually review, including via tools like Gong


The % of SDRs who consistently hit their target. This needs to change.


What you get back for every £1 spent on coaching reps to be better

We believe that #FeedbackIsBroken, but it doesn't have to be

The way GTM functions give feedback is inefficient, subjective and time consuming. This leads to a lot of wasted hours sitting in enablement sessions for things that never make it to the field. More importantly, it means that SDRs sink or swim based on their level after onboarding, and aren’t set up for continual learning and development. This is why only 48% hit target, and why many end up fired for poor performance. The system is broken, and we’re here to fix it.

"In today's competitive market, individualised feedback on every sales call and email is crucial but time-consuming. The current approach isn't just unsustainable; it's harming productivity."
Al Newman
Experienced CRO & Investor in TrainThis.AI

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create my own scorecards?

Yes, absolutely. Whilst we ‘lead’ with the ability to create models from existing work, you can also create and train your own model from scratch. This is particularly useful when rolling out a new approach or methodology.

Does TrainThis.AI connect to my existing tools?

Not yet, but it’s by choice. We found around 30 different tools that would be able to connect to us and add value. If we guessed what to build, we’d probably choose the wrong one. Our customers get to drive the roadmap on all integrations.

Does TrainThis.AI use my work to train their models?

Yes – we will store the data and any corresponding scores and feedback. We reserve the right to use this data to train our models. 

All work that runs through our system is also sent to OpenAI. 

Can this be used by other GTM roles?

Absolutely. We’re focused on SDRs right now because the function is very focused on quantity of activity, and we believe that’s wrong. But the software itself is just as valuable to AEs, AMs, CSMs, Support teams and more. We’re happy to chat if you are uncertain. 

What ROI can I expect from the tool?

We are planning on releasing some case studies on ROI in the coming weeks, but the ROI should be clear.

An SDR’s job shouldn’t be to ‘send loads of emails’ – it should be to ‘make a connection with a prospect’ in order to book a meeting. That’s about quality of work, not quantity.

If your SDRs get objectively 50% better at what they’re saying, the ROI on the outcome KPIs should be very clear.

I'd buy this if you had feature X, can you build it?

Please tell us about it! Our goal isn’t to push an exclusive version of our product, it’s to solve the problem of feedback and unlock value like never before. If you have an idea to do that, especially if it’s something you’d pay for, then we would LOVE to hear from you.

We help businesses generate more pipeline by turning their best work into feedback models for the whole team



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